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I've never recorded in a studio before

Great! This is the perfect place to begin your recording journey. you can see from the numerous photos on the site that people of all ages and backgrounds and skill levels come to record here and everyone has a great time and leaves with high quality recordings.  

If you have any questions before you come, just contact us on the site. 

Do I have to pay any extra to use certain equipment?

No, all equipment listed on the equipment page is available to use for all sessions.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes we do!  Please contact us and we can arrange this for you. Vouchers are valid for recordings and training.

Do you make beats?

Yes. Custom beats (and songs) can be made for you, contact us for pricing!

What are your COVID-19 Rules?

The studio is regularly cleaned with an antibacterial/anti microbial cleaning solution.  You are required to wash your hands before entering.  
Only the artist recording is allowed to be present.  Parents of children must sit in the live room where their child will record, rather than the control room with the producer.  
Singing lessons are only taking place online at this present time.

Who is the studio suitable for?

Solo artists and up to 3-piece bands.  The studio is small as it is built to be acoustically sound and therefore has 1m thick walls in places! Because of this floorspace, we cannot accomodate 5-piece bands and mostly see solo singers, rappers, duos and 3-piece bands.

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