Recording Kilamojo

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Kilamojo are a three piece band from Northampton made up of

Alex Lillyman, Philip Warner and Dominic Harris

Their sound is completely unique and they are incredible musicians with tons of creativity, drive and a will to experiment with different sonic textures.

Having travelled many hours to record here, we set up ready to begin on their 9 minute masterpiece “Toc Tic”.

Roland Space Echo, Kilamojo, Cedar West


The band came with highly impressive gear, including an original Roland Space Echo and a Mellotron keyboard





We set the drum kit up in the live room, getting a superb bass drum sound using the Rupert Neve RNR1 ribbon mic.  The bass was set up in the control room to DI, with a basic mix of the guitar sound so that everyone could play along and we could capture full takes of the drums and bass.

Drums, Cedar West, Kilamojo  Bass Guitar, Cedar West, Kilamojo

Once tracked. we cleared away the drum kit to free up the live room for electric guitar

Electric Guitar, Cedar West, Studio, Kilamojo

And Congas!

Congas, Cedar West, Kilamojo

 After critically listening to the basic mix and experimenting with some special FX in the software, we were happy and the mixing process began.



“The studio itself is a tailor made sonic work of art and has a fantastic live room. No expense has been spared in order to create a professional and top notch working environment.

We will definitely be working with Cedar West Studios again going into the future.”


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