About us


Welcome to Cedar West - a brand new recording studio in Birstall, Leeds that promises to give all those who record within it a truly memorable recording experience with a highly experienced producer/engineer present at all times to ensure that your records are of industry standard quality.

Whether you are experienced in recording in studios or a complete newcomer to recording, you will receive a friendly welcome here. There is no pressure on you; and artists new to making records or demos can relax knowing that this is not an intimidating recording environment. You will receive assistance in getting the best out of your playing/singing or voiceover work from our highly experienced producer. Having a great producer who understands how to get the best out of the musicians can make the difference between a good record and a great record and here we only make the latter!


Cedar West is not located inside a ‘converted building’ or found within an ‘unsuitable industrial estate’ room. The building in which it stands was custom designed and built from the ground up, inside and out to form a small, bespoke recording space that enhances recorded and mixed sound through accurate acoustic treatments. If you care about your sound, then Cedar West Studio should be your number one studio choice.  The most common comment on people listening to music in the control room is "I've never heard music like this before!" This studio has the ideal floor space for solo artist to three piece band projects.  

This attention to detail is also mirrored in the choice of equipment used inside the studio. We often see studio websites showing substandard, mid-range recording equipment and realise that unless you are knowledgeable in the recording industry yourself, how are you to know whether this microphone or that is better for your voice or band? We can assure you that all equipment used within Cedar West is high- end equipment and we list it fully for you to easily research yourself. All of our software is fully licenced and legitimate.


Of course, while your main concern will be quality, we also realise that your budget will pay a major factor in your studio decision. That’s why we not only offer businesses competitive rates with fast turnarounds, but we also offer special recording rates to unsigned musicians so that everyone can have access to the highest quality, to make your songs/recordings stand out.


I’m Matthew Humphrys and I am the owner and chief engineer/producer at Cedar West.

I love music and have studied and worked in it all my life. It has been a long term ambition of mine to build an acoustically sound recording studio that focuses on sound quality and provides a fun, motivating environment for artists to work in-and Cedar West is it. Having produced for artists from all over the country and from many different genres working from a two bedroom converted setup for years and still achieving results that had people signing up for two and three year periods, getting a single to number 4 in the country charts (at times outselling Taylor Swift) and impressing record companies, the difference now that I am working from Cedar West is not just a further jump in quality, but the quality of artist performances is significantly boosted from working in a modern studio environment - and the mood lights help too! I am not simply a ‘musical scientist’ behind a mixing desk – I am first and foremost a musician myself and passionate about many genres with an incredibly varied musical background that spans work in Choirs (including Westminster Abbey), Orchestras, a Pop Boyband, Piano playing (I am grade 8) and much more.

I am an artist development professional with 360 Artist Development and have written, produced and recorded songs in every genre imaginable from Pop, RnB, Rock, Rap, Dance, Gospel, Country, Indie, Folk, Classical, Theatre and more!

I am more than accustomed to arranging and can help you get the best out of your songs if you need/want the assistance.