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From solo singer demos to full band commercial release productions; voiceover work to musical compositions we have state of the art equipment, highly trained and friendly personnel and a purpose built, acoustically sound studio to make your project a success.


Whether you are looking to finish a recording made at Cedar West, work for a label, or want a mixing engineer to take your home studio production to the next level, our professional mixing engineer (who has worked on countless records for artists across the UK, US and South America) can mix your records in-house using a suite of over £35,000 in plugins and analogue gear.


At Cedar West you can take singing lessons with the same vocal coach as used by 360 Artist Development to teach upcoming artists across the UK.  You can also take songwriting classes and studio production sessions where you will learn the theory and practical aspects of recording and mixing.

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We are flexible in our operation times, so if you need a late night session please get in touch.

Recording Studio Leeds

Whether you are looking for a buzzing pre-production studio in Leeds to make your tracks stand out, or are ready to jump in to record straight away, you choose a studio based on the sound quality but also the experience whilst you're there; after all there is lots of choice and having people who know what they are doing and care about your recording project and your music can make all the difference to the end product.

Cedar West Recording Studio in Leeds is run by producer and engineer Matthew Humphrys, who has over a decade of experience in Artist Development and writing for artists from all over the country in genres as diverse as Country, Pop, RnB, Indie, Rock and others. This experience means that you have a producer present who understands how to get the best from you and how to shape tracks for commercial success before the record button is even pressed.

The studio has been designed and built from the ground up to combine acoustic excellence with a fun and non-intimidating environment for artists - including full-room colour changing lighting to get the best mood and performance for each song that you perform, or narrative that you read.

The studio has been built with floating floors, sloped ceilings, non-parallel walls, specially tuned bass traps and acoustic panels to ensure that it is an environment fit for recording and critical mixing projects. When you are comparing local studios in West Yorkshire, ask about their level of acoustic treatment because great acoustics mean great records and many ‘industrial unit’ type studios have not put the design and effort into this area.

The studio floorspace is ideal for everything from solo artist to 3 piece band projects. We have a professional 8-mic setup for drums.

We cater for everyone, from commercial release projects, business recording needs, singers wanting to produce a demo, voiceover work, full (3-piece) band productions, audio production training and assisting audio production students with project work and even recording studio experiences/parties. Singing lessons are also taught on site for singers aged 9+.

If you aren't a songwriter or don't play an instrument we can write and produce songs for you. We can also offer song and video packages if you need a full promotion reel.
Aside from being a great place for local musicians to record, the studio is also the main hub for artists across the country who are working with 360 Artist Development (www.360artistdevelopment.com) so our producers and songwriters are skilled at writing and producing in all genres.

We have one of the largest selections of virtual instruments, professional plugins and effects (including almost the full suite of Universal Audio's renowned plugins) in Yorkshire so you can be assured that your songs can sound like the hits of today and of tomorrow. We have regular producer visits to the studio to make tracks with the amazing array of professional software.

Make Cedar West Recording Studio in Birstall, (near Leeds) your first choice and we will help you make your music the best it can be.


Dice Phoenix, Yasyn

Dice Phoenix and Yasyn Make Magic

Recording RnB/Hip Hop artists Dice Phoenix and rapper Yasyn was a pleasure! They came with their own beats to record vocals on ready for a hip hop showcase in Leeds and their energy and performance was superb. These are two artists to look out for.


Recording Kilamojo

Kilamojo are a three piece band from Northampton made up of Alex Lillyman, Philip Warner and Dominic Harris Their sound is completely unique and they are incredible musicians with tons of creativity, drive and a will to experiment with different sonic textures. Having travelled many hours to record here, we set up ready to begin on […]

Recording The Hara

The Hara are a young, all male band made up of Josh Taylor (Vocals, Keys) from Bolton, Jack Kennedy (Drummer) from Tintwistle and Zack Breen (Guitarist) from Preston Their music is extremely current and they have a very large following, enabling them to headline their own tours around the UK and Europe also in the planning. The […]

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